Xenia Pestova’s Shadow Piano on Innova Recordings

innova logoXenia Pestova is a pianist who actively promotes and performs new works of music. Additionally, she is the Head of Performance at the Bangor University School of Music in North Wales [and a contributor to I CARE IF YOU LISTEN, Ed.] Her Innova release,  Shadow Piano: Music For Piano/Toy Piano & Electronics, features pieces by several contemporary composers, all of whom Pestova states in the liner notes she is “fortunate to call [her] friends.”

Xenia Pestova - Shadow Piano on Innova

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This week: concerts in New York (August 18 – August 24, 2014)

Steven Schick | Mostly Mozart Festival

John Luther Adams

John Luther Adams

Percussionist Steven Schick performs John Luther Adams’s The Mathematics of Resonant Bodies.
Wednesday, August 20 at 7:30 PM
Limited Availability
Clark Studio Theater, 165 West 65th Street, New York, NY
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International Contemporary Ensemble | Mostly Mozart Festival

ICE - Photo by Chad Batka

ICE – Photo by Chad Batka

International Contemporary Ensemble performs music by Alvin Lucier and premieres by Dai Fujikura, John Zorn, and Olivier Messiaen (arranged by Cliff Colnot).
Thursday, August 21 at 7:30 PM
Limited Availability
Park Avenue Armory, 643 Park Ave, New York, NY
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Mick Rossi: Outliers Series

3k3 is an improvising trio that is featured on this installment of Mick Rossi’s Outliers Series.
Saturday, August 23 at 7:30 PM
Tickets $15, $10 students/seniors
Spectrum, 121 Ludlow Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY
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5 Questions to Leon Fleisher (Pianist and Conductor)

Bridge Records released All the Things You Are, Leon Fleisher’s first solo album in nearly a decade. Consisting largely of works for left hand, the album also features works composed for Leon Fleisher by George Perle, Leon Kirchner, and Dina Koston as well as renditions of favorites by George Gershwin and Jerome Kern.

Leon Fleisher - Photo Joanne Savio

Leon Fleisher – Photo Joanne Savio

After seeing pictures of your studio, I was struck by the prevalence of satellite imagery of galaxies and nebulae hanging on the walls. What does this imagery convey to you, and what is it’s perceived relationship to music?

It’s my feeling that a lot of the music that we play, specifically German music actually, reaches heavenward, it seems to be involved with existential questions: What is man’s purpose in life? How does he relate to the universe? How is he like a brook? How is he like the leaf of a tree? These are all things that, I think — specifically German music — relates to as opposed to, for example, French music … which is sensual and sensory … and Russian music, which is very subjective, personal. The universe conveys movement; it passes through time and I think that it is subject to the same … you know, people talk about music and math, but I think the much more relevant comparison would be music and physics, and because it is movement I find that is subject to the laws of movement in physics.

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#classicalAutoCorrect Trends on Twitter


Helmet Lachenmann

Yesterday night, as I was looking for Gould’s recording of Bach’s French Suites on my tablet, the OS corrected me and suggested: Gluten Gould. I had to share it on Twitter using #classicalAutoCorrect (back in 2012, I started #OperaProductPlacement and that was really fun too). Here are a few good tweets; I’ll update the post with more, so come back later :)

Playing it safe?

From Sō Percussion:

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“I’m not saying it was aliens… but it was aliens”: Jesse Stewart visits Ottawa Chamberfest

St-Brigid-Centre-for-the-ArtsWhat would be the gold standard of record remixes? I may have heard it.

“This is a present from a small, distant world.” Jesse Stewart’s voice, quoting Jimmy Carter, reverberated through the sacred space of St. Brigid’s Centre for the Arts and Humanities, a relatively recently reclaimed and refurbished space that was once a church in formal use. Carter’s statement rang true to the audience, but not as he originally intended. Multidisciplinary artist Jesse Stewart helmed the altar-of-sorts. Dressed in black, he stood poised to make an indelible mark on the 20th anniversary of Chamberfest, an Ottawa fixture. Stewart was about to present a possible answer to the Great Silence. A great remix was the order of the evening of August 1, hypothetically created by an alien who had discovered and decoded the Voyager spacecraft’s Golden records, sending them back to earth – with choice edits.

Jesse Stewart - Photo Hanhong Dan

Jesse Stewart – Photo Hanhong Dan

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