This week: concerts in New York (December 24 – December 31, 2012)

Eavesdropping: Dance

Naoko Maeshiba

Naoko Maeshiba

Where does sound begin and where does it end? Where is the boundary between sound, the body and the environs of stage and audience? Dancer/choreographer, Naoko Maeshiba’s work to date has focused on unveiling the body’s most primal state through its contact with the immediate environment. Andrew Hayleck, an electro-acoustic musician, works with sound as both a perception and as a physical object. Hayleck and Maeshiba delicately examine the intersection of space/body/sound through shifting temporal and spatial relationships with each other.
Thursday, December 27 at 7 PM
Tickets $12
The Tank, 151 w. 46th St. (b/t 6th and 7th Ave) 8th Floor New York, NY
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“Tricycle” & “In the Darkness” | Elevator Rose, Howie Kenty

Elevator Rose performs Howie Kenty’s never-performed-before prog masterpiece “Tricycle”, and his epic piece for music and film “In The Darkness.”
Friday, December 28 at 10 PM
Tickets $10
The Stone, corner of 2nd street and Avenue A, New York, NY
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Sam Reising

Sam Reising | Twitter @samreising
Sam Reising is a composer living in New York City.

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