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2014 New Music Holiday Gift Guide

2014 New Music Holiday Gift Guide


Are you freaking out? Your girlfriend is a composer and you never know what to get her? Your dad is a New Music connoisseur and you simply can’t get him another scarf this year? Here are a few ideas—for all budgets—to help you in your quest for the perfect musician gift. We hope you enjoy our 2014 New Music Holiday Gift Guide…

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Submit a Track For Our Winter 2015 Mixtape!


Submit a track for our Winter 2015 Mixtape

Do you have a track you’d like to share with our readers? Reach hundreds of New Music fans worldwide thanks to the Winter 2015 Mixtape—our 15th seasonal mixtape!

Take a minute to fill out this form. We will listen to every single piece and curate the next mixtape. We will stop accepting submissions on December 20.

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Exclusive Preview: Corey Dargel’s There’s Nothing There

Corey Dargel

Corey Dargel

If, like me, you’ve been into Corey Dargel‘s music for a long time, you might have been wondering what he was up to lately. Well, more music of course: OK It’s Not OK, his next album, will be out on New Amsterdam on January 27, 2015. You won’t have to wait that long, though, to hear his most recent material. We have a preview.

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Our Magazine Is Out On Android!

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Is that what you just thought when you read this headline? Yeah? Well, me too.

I am really excited to announce that, as of today, our award-winning magazine is now available on Android (phones and tablets). Thanks to our partner, TypeEngine, the experience of our fantastic app was brought from the apple to the tiny green robot.

Get it on Google Play

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I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Magazine: Issue 9 is out!


Issue 9 is out now!

Issue 9 of I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Magazine is out!

Ti Ra Ki Ta*  by  Thomas Deneuville

Music for Heart and Breath on Deutsche Grammophon  by  Daniel J. Kushner

Aspen Diaries  by  Aaron Holloway-Nahum

Indian Music in New Music  by  Ronni Reich

Michael Harrison: A Portrait  by  David Dies

Getting Started With Arduino  by  Nick Arner

One Another, Once Again  by  Eli Blumm

Play Me a Story  by  Graham Meyer

Trumpet City a video by  Thomas Deneuville

Isaura String Quartet  by  Thomas Deneuville

New Releases  by  Sam Reising

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