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The Spring 2014 Mixtape is out!

The Spring 2014 Mixtape is out and here is what you’ll hear:

1. Tilman Robinson – Lines; Enlacing (3:26)
2. Michael Kropf – By Ear (2:10)
3. Nick Omiccioli – Push Pull (3:27)
4. Joshua Stamper – O Glowing Hunter, O Lover of Beasts (6:53)
5. The Willo Collective – I’m always the guy going to the motor” he says. (6:39)
6. Hugi Gudmundsson/Nordic Affect – Handelusive – I: Menuet (4:55)
7. Jim Perkins – Foundling (4:55)
8. Evan Williams/Fifth House Ensemble – Grime (8:50)
9. BAUS – How Many People (2:27)
10. Jason Charney – Pratītya (6:54)
11. Rubin Kodheli – Song For A Nightingale (5:07)

Click on the mixtape cover below to directly download it or visit the mixtape page for more details about the artists…



Submit a track for our Spring 2014 Mixtape!

Submit a track!

It is this time of year again: We are now accepting submissions for our Spring 2014 Mixtape. Fill the form below and let your friends know!

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Contemporaneous rehearses W4′s Moby Dick: An Oratorio

MATA Interval 7.2 presents composer collective W4 and Contemporaneous in the world premiere of Moby Dick: Extracts on Death and Other Curiosities on Friday, February 21 at 8:00 pm at Brooklyn’s ISSUE Project Room.

..:: Tickets: http://bit.ly/1gO2QAj



Video + Editing: Thomas Deneuville

Opening animation: Daniel Thompson at DTWebart (http://www.dtwebart.com)


Issue 5 of I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Magazine is out!

We are really happy to announce that we pushed Issue 5 to all our subscribers’ apps earlier this afternoon! Featuring exclusive interviews, reviews, articles, and a video, Issue 5 of I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Magazine is available in the Apple Newsstand as a free app (subscription is US $2.99 after a 7-day free trial). It looks great on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Issue 5 Capture

Our cover story: Jeffrey Zeigler, former cellist of Kronos Quartet. Photography: Axel Dupeux for I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Magazine.


And what’s in it?

Great question. Thanks for asking…

  • Epic Crime Story, by Thomas Deneuville
  • Nicholas Phillips: American Vernacular on New Focus Recordings, by R. Andrew Lee
  • Imperfect yet important, by Daniel J. Kushner
  • Parisians in America, by Matt Mendez
  • Jeffrey Zeigler: Life After Kronos, by Thomas Deneuville
  • Big Robot: Pushing Boundaries In Multimedia Performance, by Dana Wen
  • Sounding the Gallery, by Matt Mendez
  • Ecstatic Music Festival at the Age of Four, by Daniel J. Kushner
  • The Heart of the Score, by Daniel Garrick
  • Monthly Music Hackathon, video by Thomas Deneuville
  • Akropolis Reed Quintet, by Thomas Deneuville
  • New Releases, by Sam Reising

Remember that your free 7-day trial will give you access to all back issues so it’s a great way to catch up on what we’ve been doing since June 2013.

But I don’t have an iOS device!

I know, I know… As I have said many times, the magazine was never intended to be Apple specific. I cannot say too much at the time but I am happy to report that a cross platform solution will be up and running soon, followed by apps for other operating systems. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified!

For more information, visit http://www.icareifyoulisten.com/magazine.


Win a signed vinyl copy of David Lang’s Death Speaks

We are giving away a signed test pressing (vinyl) from the limited run of David Lang’s Death Speaks, courtesy of Cantaloupe Music (read Daniel J. Kushner’s review here). New music collectible anyone?


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5 questions to Jonathan Biss (pianist, educator)

Tomorrow, Friday, January 17, Jonathan Biss “one of the most thoughtful and technically accomplished pianists of the younger generation” (BBC Music Magazine) will perform music by Brahms, Beethoven, Chopin and Kurtág at Carnegie Hall. Biss kindly took the time to answer 5 questions about his MOOC experience, Kurtág, and his Beethoven project…

You have recently taught a five-week course on Beethoven’s piano sonatas to 35,000 participants in partnership with Coursera. Can you tell us about this experience?

Quite honestly, it shocked me. This was not only my first experience with Coursera: it was, to my knowledge, the first ever classical music MOOC. Given that it was uncharted territory, it’s not exactly right to say that it exceeded my expectations, because I had no expectations! But I certainly never could have imagined that tens of thousands of people would sign up; that there would be hundreds of spirited and serious discussion threads on the course forum; that huge numbers of people of all backgrounds would turn out to be as nerdy about sonata form as I am; that this number of people would interact in an unfailingly civil, yet also passionate manner. It was quite the challenge to my natural cynicism!

Jonathan Biss - Photo by Benjamin Ealovega

Jonathan Biss – Photo by Benjamin Ealovega

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