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Submit a Track For Our Fall 2014 Mixtape!

Submit a Track For Our Fall 2014 Mixtape!

Summer is not over but it is now time to think about Fall and our next mixtape! Do you have a track you’d like to share with our readers?

Take a minute to fill out this form. We will listen to every single piece and curate the next mixtape. We will stop accepting submissions after Sept. 18.

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#classicalAutoCorrect Trends on Twitter


Helmet Lachenmann

Yesterday night, as I was looking for Gould’s recording of Bach’s French Suites on my tablet, the OS corrected me and suggested: Gluten Gould. I had to share it on Twitter using #classicalAutoCorrect (back in 2012, I started #OperaProductPlacement and that was really fun too). Here are a few good tweets; I’ll update the post with more, so come back later :)

Playing it safe?

From Sō Percussion:

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I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Magazine Issue 8 is out!

I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Magazine Issue 8

Issue 8 of I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Magazine is out.

The Business of Music by Thomas Deneuville
Irony and Melancholy are the Same by Matt Mendez
Faculty and Students Challenge Each Other in Missouri by Don Clark
The Failure of Music Education by Sam Reising
ACME Turns 10 by Thomas Deneuville
Sketch, Scan, and Play Music with PhonoPaper by Dana Wen
Something That Makes Their Time Worthwhile by Graham Meyer
A Songwriter Goes Silent by Daniel J. Kushner
Bang on a Can Marathon 2014 video by Thomas Deneuville
Alter Face by Thomas Deneuville
New Releases by Sam Reising

Are you ready to give it a try? Download the free iOS app! We offer a 7-day free trial, and subscribers have access to all past issues. Sweet, no?


French Composers’ Names – Jean-Claude Risset

Another composer in our French Composers’ Names series: Jean-Claude Risset. Well, composer and researcher. Risset came to composition after considering being a concert pianist (he studied with Robert Trimaille, himself a student of Alfred Cortot) but he also studied Physics in parallel, and graduated from the most prestigious science institutes in France. NBD.

Jean-Claude Risset

Jean-Claude Risset

Learn how to pronounce Risset’s name in French!


The Summer 2014 Mixtape is Out!

Summer 2014 Mixtape

It’s here! What’s in it?

The Summer 2014 Mixtape features some fantastic music from solo violin to a Barbara Streisand cover that you won’t forget, from a brass quartet to the best sound collage you’ll hear this year. And much more. In detail:

1. OCTET/Mellissa Hughes/William Susman – Scatter My Ashes (2:08)
2. Alejandro T. Acierto – Invocation (2:14)
3. Russell Podgorsek, Rachell Wong (violin) – Annachronism 1 (1:48)
4. Hans Tammen – Die Schrauber Wind Up (Bonn) (3:28)
5. Alarmist – Bunda Internacionale (4:56)
6. Kirsten Volness – River Rising (8:04)
7. StreisBAND – Piano Practicing (1:07)
8. Alex Temple – O Superfood (8:05)
9. Amy O – My Hand the Thief​ (4:16)
10. Lohit Petikam – Eleven-Twelve (6:23)
11. The Westerlies – Waltz From Woman Of Tokyo (3:29)
12. Girma Yifrashewa – The Shepherd With The Flute (6:48)
13. Robert Honstein – I know the feeling… (4:59)

Clickety-click on the button below to get it for free and let your friends know!


For more info about each artist, including links to their websites, BUY links, and social media profiles, visit the Summer 2014 Mixtape page.