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I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Magazine: Issue 9 is out!


Issue 9 is out now!

Issue 9 of I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Magazine is out!

Ti Ra Ki Ta*  by  Thomas Deneuville

Music for Heart and Breath on Deutsche Grammophon  by  Daniel J. Kushner

Aspen Diaries  by  Aaron Holloway-Nahum

Indian Music in New Music  by  Ronni Reich

Michael Harrison: A Portrait  by  David Dies

Getting Started With Arduino  by  Nick Arner

One Another, Once Again  by  Eli Blumm

Play Me a Story  by  Graham Meyer

Trumpet City a video by  Thomas Deneuville

Isaura String Quartet  by  Thomas Deneuville

New Releases  by  Sam Reising

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I CARE IF YOU LISTEN on 2048 Infinite – The Circle of Fifths


At this point, chances are that you’ve played (or seen someone play) 2048, the insanely addictive tile game created by Gabriele Cirulli. If you haven’t, I’m really sorry to have ruined your productivity today… Now what if it were geared towards musicians?

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The Fall 2014 Mixtape is Out!

I CARE IF YOU LISTEN's Fall 2014 Mixtape

I am very excited to announce that our Fall 2014 Mixtape is out! Once again, some excellent music was submitted.

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Video Premiere: the cellar and point “White Cylinder (a)”

The Cellar and Point

The Cellar and Point

Whether we like this label or not, we’ve all heard of indie classical. Well, this might be the first “Garage Chamber” septet. Ambit (three years in the making and out next week on Cuneiform Records) is the debut album of The Cellar and Point, an all-star band (half of JACK Quartet, a member of Mantra, etc.) spearheaded by drummer Joe Branciforte and guitarist Chris Botta. The album features seven original pieces by Branciforte and Botta as well as arrangements of pieces by György Ligeti and Anton Webern.

The Cellar and Point is:

  • Joe Bergen, vibraphone
  • Christopher Otto, violin
  • Kevin McFarland, cello
  • Terrence McManus, electric guitar
  • Rufus Philpot, electric bass
  • Christopher Botta, acoustic guitar + banjo
  • Joseph Branciforte, drums

We are proud to present the video premiere of “White Cylinder (a),” exclusively on I CARE IF YOU LISTEN!

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5 Questions to Du Yun (composer, artistic director of MATA)

Tomorrow night, MATA will hold its annual Benefit at Tibet House (tickets are still available) and will honor two of new music’s leading advocates: Robert Sirota and Steve Smith. We decided to talk to MATA’s recently-appointed artistic director: Du Yun (first name: Yun, last name: Du). Born and raised in Shanghai, China, and currently based in New York, Du Yun is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and performance artist, working at the intersection of orchestral and chamber music, opera, theater, cabaret, pop music, oral traditions, visual arts and noise. We had 5 questions. She had five answers.

Du Yun

Du Yun

First of all, belated congratulations on your appointment! What do you hope to bring to MATA during your tenure?

Thank you. It was beyond my delight to succeed Yotam Haber’s position at MATA.

MATA has reached an all time high in its number of submissions and its scopes of initiatives. However, the artistic vision will stay the same, which translates to: never the same, ever so new, indefinable and tirelessly creating shifts. And I hope to continue building a tight community for our MATA composers, MATA musicians, MATA artists, and our MATA Alums.

Music, more than ever, is equally about creating content as well as presenting a context. In that regard, MATA also function as a presenting organization. We are thinking about ways we could pioneer in presenting that vigorous duality; we are thinking about how do we reflect and challenge, champion and advocate our composers’ ever shifting and diversifying attributes in their creative practices.

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