I CARE IF YOU LISTEN - The BlogFounded in December 2010 by Thomas Deneuville, I CARE IF YOU LISTEN was born from the desire to talk about Contemporary Classical Music—or New Music—in lay terms. Other topics include Art and Technology.

What are we?

I CARE IF YOU LISTEN is a blog and a video platform:

  • The blog came first (December 2010) and—with a team of 90+ contributors reporting from 7 countries—publishes content on a daily basis.
  • In February 2015, we launched I CARE IF YOU LISTEN.tv, our user-generated video platform where anyone can submit their new music videos.

Why the name?

The title is a reference to a famous article by American composer Milton Babbitt published in 1958 in High Fidelity: Who Cares if You Listen? Although this article is seen as the epitome of academic/serialist snobbery, its title was not the one that Babbitt intended (it was changed without his knowledge or consent before publication). The title of this blog is not directed at Mr. Babbitt, but more at the creative forces out there that tend to look down on their audience…



Amanda Cook is an arts administrator in the greater Boston area with a background in flute performance. She joined the I CARE IF YOU LISTEN team in 2013 as a contributing writer and assumed the role of Associate Editor in 2015. As an advocate for contemporary music, Amanda is especially interested in providing a platform for historically marginalized and underrepresented artists.

The Team


Thomas Deneuville was born in France and has a dual background: engineering and composition. Thomas’s former teachers include Shafer Mahoney, Eric Tanguy and Tristan Murail (composition), Franco Corelli (voice), and Geoffrey Burleson (piano).

Operations Coordinator

Sam Reising

Sam Reising is a composer based in New York City. He holds a Bachelor of Music in music theory & composition from NYU Steinhardt, where he studied with with Ezequiel Viñao.

Video Curator

“Evan Williams

Evan Williams is a composer, conductor, performer, and educator currently based in Memphis, TN, where he is an Assistant Professor at Rhodes College, teaching music composition, music technology, and conducting the Rhodes Orchestra.

Social Media Coordinator

Julia Kuhlman

Julia Kuhlman is a saxophonist and musicologist who makes unnatural noises and writes outlandish things about them. She is currently based in West Virginia.

Social Media Coordinator


Natalie Calma is a Venezuelan violinist, co-creator of Box Not Found and improvisation enthusiast. She is currently based in Boston.

Current Contributors

Lauren Alfano

Lauren Alfano

Lauren Alfano-Ishida is a soprano specializing in contemporary music. She is the Director of Promotion for Schott Music New York.

Kevin Baldwin


Kevin Baldwin is a saxophonist, composer, and collaborator with sound, currently based out of Seattle, WA.

Stephanie Ann Boyd


New York City-based American composer Stephanie Ann Boyd (b. 1990) writes melodic music about feminine subject matter for symphonic and chamber ensembles.



Natalie Calma


Natalie Calma is a Venezuelan violinist, co-creator of Box Not Found and improvisation enthusiast. She is currently based in Boston.

Jeremiah Cawley


Conductor and tenor Jeremiah Cawley is on the faculty of Western Kentucky University. He lives in Bowling Green, KY with his wife Crystal.

Jason Charney

Jason Charney

Jason Charney is a composer of (mostly) electroacoustic music and a graduate student at Bowling Green State University.



Don Clark

Don Clark

Don Clark is a classical music enthusiast, free lance concert reviewer, and blogger.

Jillian DeGroot


Jill DeGroot is the flutist and founder of Noise Bias, an all-female contemporary ensemble and Co-Artistic Director/Editor of Cacophony Magazine.

Jay Derderian


Jay Derderian is a Portland Oregon-based composer and guitarist.



Thea Derks

Thea Derks

Thea Derks is a Dutch music journalist, specializing in contemporary music. She’s recently finished a biography of Reinbert de Leeuw.

Arlene and Larry Dunn

Arlene and Larry Dunn

Arlene and Larry Dunn are pure amateurs of contemporary music based in Oberlin, Ohio.

Anne Goldberg-Baldwin


Anne H. Goldberg-Baldwin blurs the definitions of music and dance as a composer, choreographer, performer, and educator.



Jarrett Goodchild

Jarrett Goodchild

Jarrett Goodchild is a composer, conductor, and percussionist based in western North Carolina.

Jessica Griggs


Jess Griggs is a recording engineer and producer who is on a mission to show that diversity is the future of new classical music.

Colin Holter


Colin Holter is a composer, collaborator, administrator, and occasional writer on music based in Cleveland.



Megan Ihnen


Megan Ihnen is a mezzo-soprano on a mission to change the world through the commissioning, performance, and proliferation of new music.

Alyssa Kayser-Hirsh


Alyssa Kayser-Hirsh is a writer, musician, educator, and maker of tiny pies, based in New York City. She currently works in Digital Content & Engagement at Carnegie Hall and manages the summer camp Sing This Summer.

Jacob Kopcienski


Jacob Kopcienski is a saxophonist and musicologist specializing in the performance and research of contemporary music.



Christian Kriegeskotte

Christian Kriegeskotte

Christian Kriegeskotte is a composer, writer and eccentric currently based in Pittsburgh.

Brianna Matzke


Dr. Brianna Matzke, NCTM, is a pianist based in Cincinnati. She serves on the faculty of Wilmington College, and is the artistic director of The Response Project, a commissioning initiative focused on new works for the piano. She holds degrees from the University of Kansas and the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.

James May


James May is a composer, improvisor, conductor, and performer. He makes noise with instruments, electronics, and his voice, and is studying Experimental Sound Practice in Cork, Ireland.



Kathleen McGowan


Kathleen McGowan writes and plays her trombones in Kansas City, MO. Her interests include chamber music, books, and local coffee culture.

Tristan McKay


Tristan McKay is a contemporary pianist, multimedia artist, and PhD candidate at NYU.

Tracy Monaghan


Tracy is a musicologist, music journalist, and choral singer/lapsed soprano currently based in Nashville, TN.



Greg Nahabedian


Greg Nahabedian is a genderfluid composer and writer living in Nashua, NH. Greg plays in the band Cheap City and runs Boston New Music Calendar.

Lana Norris

Lana Norris

Lana Norris is a music journalist and collaborative pianist based in New York City. She has a background in sacred music and religious studies, and brings an interest in diplomacy to contemporary concert music.

Adam O’Dell


Adam D. O’Dell is a composer, keyboardist, comedian, absurdist, biomusicologist, and a doctoral student/teaching assistant at The Peabody Institute, often at the same time.



Myles Oakey


Myles Oakey is music writer and arts administrator. He holds a First Class Honours and University Medal for Music from UNSW, Australia. He lives in Glasgow.

Gemma Peacocke


Gemma Peacocke is a US-based composer from New Zealand. Her rescue dog Mila is a standard poodle from Korea. Their musical tastes differ markedly.

Caroline Potter


Caroline Potter is an award-winning writer and academic, specializing in French music, based in London.



Alexander Rothe


Alexander K. Rothe is a Core Lecturer at Columbia University. His research interests are opera staging, Regieoper, Wagner Studies, and new music.

Bruce A. Russell

Bruce A. Russell

Bruce A. Russell (aka El Mahboob) is a Toronto-based composer, pianist, father of three. Bruce also wrote for Musicworks.

Hannah Schiller


Hannah Rosa Schiller is a Chicago-based writer and musician—singer, music director, arranger—working to improve new music’s accessibility.



Daniel Schreiner


Daniel Schreiner is a pianist and interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Apart from striving to present meaningful, immersive performances of extraordinary 20th and 21st-century works, Daniel teaches, accompanies, and writes about music.

Nick Stevens


Nick Stevens is a musicologist based in Cleveland, Ohio. A writer, lecturer, and lapsed horn player, he also runs marathons and loves coffee.

Aaron Wolff


Aaron Wolff plays cello, eats grapefruit, and ruminates about all things musical. He lives in New York.



Catherine Womack


L.A.-based writer Catherine Womack covers classical music and the arts for the LA Times, Los Angeles Magazine, Opera News and more. Dog lady. Will travel for opera.

Justin Wright


Justin D. Wright is a composer and producer of original music for broadcast, concert, and film in Brooklyn, NY.

Jeffrey Young


Jeffrey Young is a violinist and composer. He plays experimental, rock, and classical music and often creates work collaboratively.



Matthew Younglove


Concert saxophonist and contemporary chamber musician Matthew Younglove serves on the faculty of Wayne State University, is tenor saxophonist of the Assembly Quartet, and holds a DMA in Contemporary Music.