I CARE IF YOU LISTENI CARE IF YOU LISTEN (ICIYL) is an award-winning multimedia hub for living music creators. Founded in December 2010 by Thomas Deneuville, ICIYL was born from a desire to create a dedicated space for talking about contemporary classical music. Through a unique blend of music criticism, promotional features, and multimedia content, ICIYL strives to be a leading advocate for artists who have been historically underrepresented or marginalized in Western classical music by highlighting equitable programming, facilitating challenging conversations, cultivating a safe platform, and creating educational resources.

After 10 years of operation as an all-volunteer enterprise, I CARE IF YOU LISTEN was acquired by American Composers Forum (ACF) in September 2020. Amanda Cook, Editor-in-Chief since 2017, continues to serve in that role as a member of the ACF staff. Editorial decisions are made at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief, in alignment with ACF’s organizational priorities. Joining with ACF enables ICIYL to equitably pay its contributors and staff while developing a platform that furthers ICIYL and ACF’s shared goals.

Direct promotion of ACF-only programs can be found on our At ACF page. Critical reviews of ACF-affiliated projects are not considered promotional content and are assigned to an impartial reviewer.

Why the name?

The title is a reference to Who Cares if You Listen?, a famous article by American composer Milton Babbitt published in 1958 in High Fidelity. Although this article is seen as the epitome of academic/serialist snobbery, its title was not the one that Babbitt intended (it was changed without his knowledge or consent before publication). Our title is not directed at Mr. Babbitt, but more at creative forces that look down on their audience, and gatekeepers that create barriers to entry.



Amanda Cook is a Boston-based music critic and digital editor. She joined the I CARE IF YOU LISTEN team in 2013 as a contributing writer, and she has served as the Editor-in-chief since 2017. Her background in music performance, higher education, and nonprofit administration provides a unique perspective from which to view the current state of contemporary music.


With a dual background in mechanical engineering and composition, Thomas Deneuville is an interaction designer and a maker. He lives in Freeville, NY, with his wife and two sons, where he writes about creativity, codes, and plays the bagpipe.

Operations Team

I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Social Media Coordinator


Natalie Calma is a Venezuelan violinist, co-creator of Box Not Found and improvisation enthusiast. She is currently based in Boston.

I CARE IF YOU LISTEN Manager of Advertising

“Tim Igel

Tim Igel is a music maker who focuses on his recorded music projects as well as helping others make their own. In his work at ACF and innova Recordings, Tim collaborates with artists to amplify their music and their stories.

ACF Director of Community and Belonging

“Tim Igel

Dameun Strange is a composer exploring afro surrealism/afrofuturism to tell Black stories. In early 2020, he joined the staff of ACF where he continues to share his love for storytelling and building community.

Current Contributors

Kevin Baldwin


Kevin Baldwin, D.M.A., is a composer, saxophonist, and visual artist, focusing on graphic and alternate notations. Kevin, based in greater Boston, is the founder of eyeMusic Projects, an ongoing collection of visual experimentations with notational elements.

Stephanie Ann Boyd


New York City-based American composer Stephanie Ann Boyd (b. 1990) writes melodic music about feminine subject matter for symphonic and chamber ensembles.

Jillian DeGroot


Jillian DeGroot is a Chicago-based musician, writer, and audio journalist. She is currently producing an audio documentary podcast called Near Total Silence.


Anne Goldberg-Baldwin


Anne H. Goldberg-Baldwin, D.M.A. blurs the definitions of music and dance as a composer, choreographer, performer, and educator. She is Assistant Professor of Composition at Berklee College of Music and is currently pursuing an M.F.A. in Dance at the University of the Arts.

Lauren Ishida

Lauren Alfano

Lauren Ishida is a soprano specializing in contemporary music. She is the Director of Promotion for Schott Music New York.

Jacob Kopcienski


Jacob Kopcienski is a multifaceted artist and scholar who explores sound, listening practices, identity, and technology through writing, performance, creative collaboration, and community-building projects. He is currently a Ph.D. student in Musicology at the Ohio State University.


Christian Kriegeskotte

Christian Kriegeskotte

Christian Kriegeskotte is a composer, writer and budding audiophile who has worked professionally in feature film music production, artist management and the mainstream record industry. He received his BFA and Master of Music from Carnegie Mellon University and is currently based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Julia Kuhlman


Julia Kuhlman is a saxophonist and musicologist who makes unnatural noises and writes outlandish things about them. She is currently based in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

Tristan McKay


Tristan McKay is a pianist, visual artist, and scholar based in NYC. His research interests include semiotics and graphic notations, and he teaches at SUNY New Paltz. Tristan plays ice hockey in his free time.


Tracy Monaghan


Tracy is a PhD student in Musicology whose work focuses on issues of race, gender, and musical appropriation in 20th- and 21st-century opera. She is a soprano and an avid performer of new music, favoring extended vocal techniques. Tracy also works to dismantle food insecurity in her communities. She is currently based in the Bay Area of California.

Greg Nahabedian


Greg Nahabedian is a gender non binary composer living in Southern New Hampshire. Greg runs the Boston New Music Calendar and is a founding member of Strange Trace opera.

Lana Norris

Lana Norris

Lana Norris is a pianist, music journalist, and podcaster convinced that both science and art are aesthetic. She brings an interest in diplomacy to her coverage of new music, and enjoys sacred choral and shameless pop. She is based in New York City, Munsee Lenape and Wappinge territory.


Gemma Peacocke


Gemma Peacocke is a US-based composer from New Zealand. Her rescue dog Mila is a standard poodle from Korea. Their musical tastes differ markedly.

Caroline Potter


Caroline Potter is an award-winning writer and academic, specializing in French music, based in London.

Hannah Schiller


Hannah Rosa Schiller is an Oxford-based writer and musician—singer, music director, arranger—working to improve new music’s accessibility.


Sun Yung Shin

“Sun Yung

Sun Yung Shin is a Korean-born writer, artist, and consultant based in Minneapolis. She is the author or editor of eight books, and publishes, lectures, and performs widely.