Hanging out with Timothy Andres | Hang #3

For this Hang #3, Timothy Andres welcomed us in his Brooklyn apartment. We talked about his Nonesuch album (Shy and Mighty), about popular music, typefaces and fresh mozzarella.

Here is the interview:

Hanging out with Timothy Andres | Hang #3

And here is a beautiful recording of Timothy playing At the River (2011) dedicated to Ingram Marshall, “whose work merges sacred and secular in mysterious and beautiful ways.”

Timo Andres performs At the River (2011)

Timothy Andres (b. 1985, Palo Alto, CA) is a composer and pianist. He grew up in rural Connecticut and lives in Brooklyn, NY. His compositions meld a classical-music upbringing with diverse interests in the natural world, graphic arts, technology, cooking, and photography. He has been praised for his “acute ear” by the New York Times’s Anthony Tommasini and “stubborn nose” by the New Yorker’s Alex Ross.


Video + Editing + French accent: Thomas Deneuville
Opening animation: Daniel Thompson at DTWebart (http://www.dtwebart.com)
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Thomas Deneuville
Thomas Deneuville

Susan, I was answering your previous comment while you were writing this one! This is turning into Gchat :) Thank you again, and sorry for the reduced productivity!

Susan Scheid
Susan Scheid

Such an enjoyable interview! Here I am, with a pile of stuff beside me to attend to, I've been totally (and gratefully) diverted.


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