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In Rehearsal with Empyrean Atlas [from Issue 3 of our Magazine]

We met with David Crowell, composer, instrumentalist, and frontman of Brooklyn-based Empyrean Atlas, as the band was rehearsing for an upcoming gig back in September. This video was featured in Issue 3 of our Magazine.

Empyrean Atlas is:

  • David Crowell
  • Andrew Smiley
  • Greg Chudzik
  • Jason Nazary
  • Ryan Ferreira

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Video + editing + animation: Thomas Deneuville © I CARE IF YOU LISTEN 2013


Mobius Trio Video Premiere: Nick Vasallo’s Dark Matter

sponsor-content-whatisthisBy Daniel L. Muñoz
Bay Area composer Nick Vasallo smelts heavy metal aesthetics with Western classical techniques to create new sonic alloys never heard before. Vasallo’s work is a fresh music that may help usher in a new audience for classical music. It is dramatic, aggressive, moody, introspective, and thoughtful. Vasallo is dedicated to a multilingual stylistic pluralism spanning Western art music traditions, indigenous Asian musics, and heavy metal genres. As a staunch advocate for local musicians, he is committed to serving the San Francisco Bay Area new music community not only by curating the annual Bay Area Modern Music festival (!BAMM!) but also by featuring many Bay Area performers in his music videos.

MOBIUS TRIO - Videography by Gabriel Zuniga

Mobius Trio – Videography by Gabriel Zuniga

Watch an exclusive video premiere of San Francisco’s MOBIUS TRIO performing Vasallo’s “Dark Matter” at the end of this article.

Sonic Alchemy—A Skilled Forging

How is it that Vasallo hopes to resolve the seemingly disparate styles—classical and metal? “[T]he unifying element is quite simple: precision” (Vasallo, 2007). Precision as a unifying principle is tied to virtuosity and skilled technique. These techniques include the gymnastic displays of fast fingers across fretboard, fingerboard, piano keys, wind-instrument keys, drumsticks and mallets, to the usage of a variety of classical music forms and contrapuntal techniques. Vasallo is able to harness and develop thematic ideas in the manner of the canonic masters since JS Bach, slide and resolve his pungent harmonic dissonances like Gesualdo, create dark soto voce moods in the manner of Mozart’s late style, use an orchestra like a giant percussion ensemble with violent subtactile punctuations like Stravinsky (in his “Russian” phase), move masses of tone clusters like Ligeti, and shred with lightning-fingered accuracy like Randy Rhoads (or Paganini). By incorporating a variety of techniques from different eras and melding them with the music of his own youth, Vasallo forges a music that is firmly rooted in the distant past and the not-so-distant past while speaking to the present.

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Contemporaneous rehearses W4′s Moby Dick: An Oratorio

MATA Interval 7.2 presents composer collective W4 and Contemporaneous in the world premiere of Moby Dick: Extracts on Death and Other Curiosities on Friday, February 21 at 8:00 pm at Brooklyn’s ISSUE Project Room.

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So Percussion presents American Patterns at Carnegie Hall

We met with 50% of So Percussion—Adam Sliwinski and Eric Beach—to talk about their upcoming Carnegie Hall concert, American Patterns, on November 23, 2013 (8 PM pre-concert talk with David Lang/So Percussion + 9 PM gig). It was also the perfect opportunity to look back on So Percussion’s career and have a sneak peek at their brand new studio in Brooklyn.

So Percussion is: Eric Beach | Josh Quillen | Adam Sliwinski | Jason Treuting

The program for their Nov. 23 concert is:

  • BRYCE DESSNER Music for Wood and Strings (World Premiere, commissioned by Carnegie Hall)
  • MATMOS so-called remix (World Premiere)
  • SO PERCUSSION/MATMOS Carnegie Double Music (World Premiere)
  • DAVID LANG the so-called laws of nature

For more info and tickets, visit:

Video by Elan Bogarín and Troy Herion
El Tigre Productions:
Opening animation: Daniel Thompson at



Erdem Helvacıoğlu sampling the Bang on a Can All-Stars [from our Magazine]

Since Erdem Helvacıoğlu’s “Tales of Oppression and Resistance” will be premiered (world) this week in Istanbul by the Bang on a Can All-Stars, we decided to share on the blog the video we shot for the first issue of our iPhone/iPad/iPod touch magazine.

Erdem Helvacıoğlu was in a downtown Manhattan studio, this summer, to sample the Bang on a Can All-Stars for an upcoming commission.

The piece, called “Tales of Oppression and Resistance,” will be premiered on Nov. 6 in Istanbul, at the Borusan Music House.

Video, Editing, and Animation: Thomas Deneuville | © 2013 I CARE IF YOU LISTEN